Monday, July 8, 2013

What I did on my summer vacation....

Took several days off from work surrounding the July 4th holiday.   I am working on several projects at once so I set up a station on my back porch to trim the gazillions (yes that is a word) of the HSTs  that I will need.

These are for a quilt made from Sweetwater Noteworthy (layer cake).  I've managed to sew and cut apart the HST.  Now I am in the midst of ironing and trimming.  Trying to stay organized is the real challenge!

These are for a quilt made from Fig Tree Tapestry (layer cake).

I did my ironing in batches.  Only so much of ironing a girl can do on a hot summer day.

How about you?  Are you someone who does one project at a time or do you like to have multiple projects in flight at once?

Happy Stitching!


  1. I have far too many projects going at once. I'm also using a Tapestry layer cake. I succumbed to a sale and, alas, another project.

  2. Beautiful view from your back porch. I have several projects going at the same time. Sew along projects. Rainbow scrap challenge, BOM, etc. But ever now and then I will whip up a small project for instant gratification. A baby quilt, a pot holder, a knitted dishcloth, a small lap quilt.

  3. I really like to at least finish the top of one quilt before starting another, but that usually does not happen. Taking it outside is a great idea!

  4. While I do like closure on projects, I always seem to have several going at once. I just try not to have any end up as UFOs...

    Your screened porch looks like a great place to do some quilty work!

  5. I have little sewing time, so I like to finish one project first before I move on to the next, else my UFO stack would be growing and growing to infinity.
    BTW, why don't you use the Wondercut Ruler for your HST? They come off on bias, so you have to careful when sewing them, but they come off fast and easy.

  6. I would like to do one project at a time, in reality I do about 67 at a time!


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