Monday, April 22, 2013

Not My Job Description - Votes for Women

Two blocks to share from the  Votes for Women  block of the week.  Both blocks gave me trouble!   Both times, I cut things wrong the first time by cutting pieces an inch too short in one of the dimensions.  Once I corrected, things went together quickly.

First block (block 33) is called Contrary Husband

and the second (block 34) is called Coffee Cup: Not my Job Description. Quite the within my lifetime focus on women's rights in this weeks post.

For the final quilt, the blocks will be on point and each week I choose 3 from my block inventory to add the side triangles.  Here is what I have so far:

The dilemma I have is how to treat the blocks they didn't finish at 8 1/2 (unfinished).   Do I add a strip around them to square them up to size first and then surround it with the triangles?  Advise appreciated. 

(Fabric is Vintage Modern.  I've 34 blocks made, 15 weeks to go!)

Happy Stitching!


  1. Aren't you smart to set the blocks a few at a time! I will have lots of work to do when finished the 49 blocks. Your blocks are so beautiful with the fabrics you are using. I would probably add a frame around the smaller blocks and cut accordingly...though I may just try to "stretch" any of mine that don't seem to fit...or maybe make new ones! Thanks for sharing,

  2. Pretty blocks! I would frame the small blocks and cut to size, if your seam is too small the quilt will fall apart where it me I know from doing it :(


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