Saturday, January 26, 2013

Took a Right Turn (FNSI results)

Icy weather Friday in NC so the best place to be was home with your sewing machine!  I didn't really need the weather to motivate me to sew - it was FNSI!!

You see these scrappy trip around the world  blocks all over blogland.  I broke into my jelly roll of Butterscotch.

Laid out the traditional block.

But then decided to go take a right turn and mix things up.

The light fabrics should be all aligned so I'll get some effect this way but the fabric placement will be much more random.   Everything is ready to go to assemble more and more blocks.

So, while the ice melts, you can find me in my sewing room today!  (If you look carefully, I managed to catch drops of water falling with this photo - see by the watermark!)

Happy Stitching!


  1. Love the randomness in your blocks. This is a beautiful fabric collection and I look forward to watching your quilt come together.
    We got a lot of ice in Winston Salem. Can't believe the power didn't go out last night. It did flicker once. Could still go out if we get the ice and rain they predict for tomorrow.

  2. Oh, yum...Butterscotch :) Really love that first block. I am doing a pp series with those fabrics. Our ice is coming Sunday afternoon, still sewing today anyway though, it's cold out there! Love how you caught the drops!

  3. Lovely colours for your block. How lovely to have snow and to sit in a warm sewing room. I spent my time with the air-con on.

  4. Yucky ice, but amazing photo. :) Love your scrappy trip blocks. Hope you're having a good weekend. xo

  5. This block is very popular at the moment. Love your fabrics. Hugs.....


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