Friday, November 30, 2012

A 'Bit' of a Progress Report

I finished the wool hat I made for my DD.  Not the most flattering photo but I didn't want her to try it on since it will be a gift.  I do need some bits though - some bits of white and of yellow wool - at most a yard of each.  I am going to turn the white in owl eyes and the yellow into the beak.   Is there anyone who might have bits to share of white and yellow?  Please leave me a comment.  Much of my yarn stash is cotton, not wool.  

I also made good progress on the scarf I am knitting.  The lace pattern was easy to learn so makes for good tv watching knitting.  

Finally, got my FMQ challenge from SewCalGal was completed right at the wire.  Spirals were the challenge this month.  My first attempt was a bit sloppy - scary even!

To give me a more defined line within which to swirl, I sewed together some 2 1/2 in strips.

I was happier with this result but still need to keep practicing.  I don't think either of these photos clearly shows the work - you have to look real carefully to see it. 

Happy Stitching!


  1. Your swirls make that Kate Spain fabric sing :) As for wool yarn I am no help. I am hoping to relearn to crochet in January because I would so like to make a Granny Square afghan...oh, and then a fusion blanket...the internet is full of temptation!! Your knitting projects look beautiful.

  2. Good idea to do the 2" strips - your spirals look good on it. I found my spirals a bit scary too, something I need to definitely practise more on.


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