Wednesday, October 24, 2012


My youngest daughter (14 years old) enjoys science fiction and keeps herself busy with dance classes in ballet, jazz and tap.  She does many, many things well except maybe one tiny little thing - a very small thing actually - she can't ever find anything including where she left those various dance shoes each week!

For her 14th birthday in August, I handed her a yard of fabric with an IOU for a  bag that combines two of the things she enjoys most - dance and Dr Who.

See how the shoes fit nicely inside with room for even a book - she always has one at her side.

This bag is completely my own design and finished 17" by 12" by 3".  I added handles on the side and a long shoulder strap.

I started with fabric I ordered from Spoonflower - Dr Who fans will recognize the TARDIS!

(BTW, this is her favorite Doctor.  And for those that don't watch - the TARDIS is a time traveling machine disguised as a Police Box.)

I did straight line quilting. Before I assembled the bag, I made a pocket pouch and then sewed it to the inside - sewing straight across on a quilt line at the top and bottom.  This leaves the pocket very accessible but it isn't flapping away inside.

The top zipper sites nicely inside a casing - my favorite way to do zippers with quilted bags.

My DD loves the bag and no more last minute scramble to find her shoes for class!

A few weeks ago I blogged about the pouch I made for my DH for his Nexus - he saw the fabric I had on my sewing space and asked for a pouch made from that fabric.  This is a first - my DH making a fabric selection!  Clearly he has good taste!

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  1. what a fab bag (and what taste in TV shows your daughter has!) i'm very jelous!

  2. Great bag. My son is also 14 and we are whovian at our house.


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