Monday, May 14, 2012

Morning walk - May for Me

My job can be stressful so I decided as part of May for Me I was going to get up and walk each day for 20-25 minutes before I go to work.  I get to work early - between 6 and 6:30 - on a regular basis but usually hit the snooze several times.  Not this past week.  Alarm rings and I am up, do a quick change, grab my phone and out the door I go at roughly 5:45.

The mornings are just beautiful.  The sky is just started to get light, everything is peaceful and there are very very few cars.   I walk about 1 1/2 miles and listen to favorite podcasts.

I did this every morning this past week and the results - wow!  Those 25 mins are making me happy and ready for the rest of the day.  I felt energized all day (ok not the first day).   My need for immediate caffeine in the morning definitely reduced.  And I can tell that I am dealing with the stress better.

Because I've been motivated to walk, I don't hit the snooze and I still get to work at 6:30!

Loving May for Me and I am planning to continue this walking all summer.

I am having a lot of fun playing BINGO as part of May for Me despite the fact that hundreds of squares have been called and I only have 6 buttons - one of them being the free square!   I decided to keep track of my progress by editing the photo of my BINGO card instead of just sewing on the buttons.  The first thing I do each morning when I get to work (luckily my boss doesn't read my blog!) is check the BINGO call. 

However, it must be my lucky day because I did win a charm pack based on a random drawing!! I'm calling it a Mother's Day gift!

Sharon, Tonya, Marcia, and Snoodles are the lovely hosts for May for Me and BINGO - Thanks ladies!

Finally, because I needed a quilt photo - working on my binding!  My Jacobs Ladder is back from my LAQ and a binding I will go.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Good for you getting up and going for a walk...

    Not long now for your JL... it's just out and out gorgeous!!!


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