Friday, May 11, 2012

The Hills are Alive...

Several years ago when my daughter was younger, she wrote letters to the actors that played each of the children in the Sound of Music and we had a lot of fun seeing how they would reply back.  We got signed photos and from Fredrick (the oldest boy), we got a lovely letter.   My daughter has these photos displayed in her room.

She and I are big fans.

Just had to share this book my daughter and I just bought.  (We had a gift card to burn!)

We are both big Sound of Music fans.  This book is a giant scrapbook assembled by the actors that played the 7 children in the movie.

There are photos from the set - a backstage view like this shot of Julie Andrews.

There are photos of the children's mom's taken photos of them (I love this one!)

And there are a couple of pockets of stuff - replicas of sorts - like this couple of pages of the script.  (There are  several areas in the book that have a pocket with the stuff inside.)

There is also a DVD of home movies - we haven't watched this yet.  If you are a major league fan - I would highly recommend this book.  There is much to explore.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Would you believe, I've NEVER seen this film?!?

  2. I was just a kid when that movie came out. We rarely went to the movie theater, but we did go to see this movie. I remember the day like it was yesterday! I loved all the songs, especially Edelweiss.

  3. I've been to Austria and seen alot of the places in the film, such as the churches, and the tree lined road and the house they used, which is one side of this HUMUNGOUS lake and the sun house (round one) that Leisl meets Rolf in, so it was no wonder that when she climbed in the window that night that she was sooooo wet!

    I have a photo of me somewhere (if they weren't misplaced when my Mother passed away) of me standing in the glass round house! Not long after our coach trip there, they closed it off to the public, well close up anyway, as people were stealing bits of it as souveniers....all I did was the run around the concrete benches like Leisl did in the movie!

    My dear Mum also loved the movie, so it was a treat when we both got to go there together.


  4. I am from Austria and the funny thing is that the Sound of music is pretty unknown here. The first time I saw it was in Florida ;-)


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