Monday, May 7, 2012

FMQ challenge May

SewCalGal's guest this month for the year long FMQ challenge is Leah Day.  I follow Leah's blog and have been following her journey to create 365 FMQ designs but this was the first time I actually tried one.  (Not sure why it took me so long!)

I found this pattern quite fun, twisting things around and filling in the empty spaces.  I also enjoyed being able to do this with high contrast thread - not something I'd choose for an actual piece but really good for practice piece.  Generally, I was pleased with the consistency of my stitches.  One thing I am seriously considering purchasing is the Supreme Slider that Leah uses - you could see how her piece moved more smoothly under the machine.

Happy Stitching!


  1. I'm late to the party but Ms Day's video tutorial was intriguing so I had to try....

    You did WAY better than I did... I need lots and lots of practice!!!

    I have a Supreme Slider (got on sale at a LQS that went out of business) and it does help with moving the quilt sandwich every which way...

  2. CHeck out a SewSlip --larger, cheaper, and altogether a better product. Not sure why Slider gets all the hype.

  3. good for you for doing yours early. looks very good.

  4. Great job. Really looks great.


  5. Looks good. I think I need to get a slider, too.


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