Wednesday, April 25, 2012

FMQ April Challenge

April's FMQ Challenge by SewCalGirl involved learning a new method for transferring FMQ designs onto fabric.  The only other time I attempted to transfer a FMQ quilt design was a few months ago when I used a light box kitchen window.  Although it got the job done, it was a bit awkward.

This method involves using a piece of tulle to transfer the design - you first trace onto the tulle with a sharpie and then from the tulle to the fabric with a fabric safe pen.   I was certain I had a piece of tulle somewhere but found only a spool of tulle about 6 inches wide in my (messy) closet. 

 Given the symmetry of the design we were transferring, I made it work by coping 2/3s of the design and then rotating my hoop to finish copying the other 1/3 onto the fabric.

It was fun to practice my FMQ skills on such a small piece.  I quilted the backside and used a contrasting thread so I could really see what I was doing.  

The other side is actually the front - my BINGO card!

I will defiantly use this method again.  Transferring was so easy.  I do need a larger piece of tulle - the small piece worked ok - I was able to transfer the design - but the edges of the tulle were not as tight as they needed to be in the hoop.  My actual FMQ went ok - I realized afterwards that putting the pieced part down meant the mini quilt didn't glide quite as smoothly as usual.  But, it got the job done.

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Happy Stitching!

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