Monday, February 20, 2012

The Hunt

Once upon a time, my very favorite local quilt store went out of business. I picked up my share of fabric deals during their closing sale including 1 yard of a Luna Notte by 3 sisters - a beautiful deep cream with print and 2 yards of Rouenneries by French General in a faded red.

Last fall, one of my blog buddies gets a few of us interested in making a Jacobs ladder quilt.  I decide to use these fabrics and test assemble a single block.

I fall in love.   I realize that I need another yard of the cream and after a bit of searching, I find it online and order a yard.  (I was a bit nervous with this purchase because I wasn't 100% certain I had picked the right print from the line.)

I cut a yard of each fabric and stacked it up next to my machine for my leader and enders.  Time passed and then I had this in January.

I fall deeper in love. I decide to call the quilt Romance.

I made more blocks and now it looks like this.

I calculate how big it will be with the fabric I have - 2 yards of each - and decide I want it to be bigger.  

I go back on line.   I didn't recall where I had purchased the 3 Sisters print the first time I needed a yard but I found a store that carried it and ordered another yard plus another print of that line for the backing.  (I've now committed myself to the final size.)   

From a different store, I find the red from  Rouenneries line and order a yard.   (Oh, and since this is one of my favorite on line stores, I managed to order yards of other stuff.  But that is a story for another day...)

Fabric arrives.  UGH.  While the print is the correct one and the color is red, it is a deeper shade of red that I am using.  (The one I am using is on the left, the new one on the right.)

First thought that passes is could I wash it and fade it... or put it in the sun.  But then I think.  The print I ordered was from  Rouenneries Duex.  A bit of a google search later and I figure out that the print I wanted was from the initial release of the  Rouenneries line from 2010 (circa when my local QS went out of business.)   Back to google for a desperate search for an online store with inventory.

Hurrah!  I find some.  I've ordered a yard and it is on its way.

This quilt is now graduating from my leader and ender to my major project.  I want it to deliver it to my FMQer in April.

I cut up the fabric I do have at hand and go on a HST marathon sewing session yielding a pile waiting to be trimmed.

To be continued....

Happy Stitching!


  1. Oh, the adventures of online fabric shopping... I'm glad you found more of that lovely red fabric!

    Your JL blocks are lovely and you're going to end up with a beautiful quilt!

  2. Your Jacobs ladder block is gorgeous!and glad you found more fabrics.

  3. What a treasure hunt. It's hard when we want a fabric that is no longer available. I love your Romance quilt. I know it's gonna look wonderful.

  4. That is a beautiful quilt! Glad you found fabric to finish it--love the internet!

  5. Love the colours. What size will it be when its finished and how much of each material did you buy???

  6. To me this fabric mis-match seems like an opportunity. I would make blocks with the darker fabric in the lighter one's place and I would use those darker blocks all around the edge as a sort of border. I think it would be lovely that way.

  7. This is a beauty. I love your name for it as it fits so well.

  8. It's so pretty - it's going to be worth all the trouble.
    Lillian @


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