Monday, October 17, 2011

Counting Down some more

I don't yet have a name for my triangle quilt using Countdown to Christmas fabric.  I made some great progress this weekend seeing my hexagon blocks into rows and then sewing rows together in pairs.

(I share my sewing space with my daughter's American Girl doll school - see that tiny chair in the background?)

Keeping my head from exploding is a goal when assembling a quilt like this.  It will have 14 rows of single triangles.  Once I assemble a row together, I want to remember whether it is the first row or the 8th row.  Instead of pinning a row marker of some sort, I use fabric sewn into the row during the assembly process as a 'leader'.  Just use a scrap piece of fabric with a number marked with Sharpie.   

I've assembled 4 of the 7 two row pairs as well as the very top and bottom row.  Loving it!!

Once I get all 7 row pairs together, I will arrange for final placement.

The ends of the rows can get a bit confusing.  My best friend was my seam ripper to help with multiple oopps moments - in this case red and white need to reverse.  (Blogger's decision to rotate this particular photo and none of the others boggles my mind.  I took them all holding the camera the same way and did not crop any of them.)

Happy Stitching!


  1. Looking good... you're at the exciting part now... everything coming together!

  2. It is turning out just beautiful! I can just imagine how brain boggling it must be to keep it all straight!


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