Monday, September 26, 2011

12 Days of Christmas BOM progress

Quality time with my sewing machine and working on a BOM I purchased from Fat Quarter Shop.   Although this BOM ended months ago, I've only managed nine blocks so far.  Many of these were a lot of fun to assembled.  As you can tell, all of these still need to be trimmed and they will each get a border.  (For the photo shoot, I just laid 2 blocks side by side.)

The basket and the stocking      I like both of these.

House and large ornament.  The house was fun to put together.

No idea why blogger turned these around...   Candy and more Ornaments.  I think i made some errors on the candy blocks.  If you look carefully, some of the corners are square and some are not.  I will take this apart and fix it.

Again with blogger.

Gift packages and a wreath.  This wreath pattern is quite fun to assemble and I made a small mini quilt from it last year.

And, finally, a stocking cap.  This is my least favorite color combination.  I may remake the block.

While I love many of the prints in this line, 12 Days of Christmas by Kate Spain, there are a few colors that I don't really like.  I did some substitutions at times.  Once all twelve blocks are done and laid out with borders, I'll get a good look at color.  Fat Quarter Shop is very generous with their fabric cuts so I've enough extra to redo a block if necessary.

Ho Ho Ho.

Happy Stitching!


  1. I think all of the blocks are wonderful - and the colors are lucious - I can't even pick just one. I do like the color combination in the stocking cap - perhaps it will look different when you lay it out. This will be a really fun quilt. The one thing I have found out about BOM quilts is they usually have some really fun blocks to make and I love a challenge. Judy C

  2. Your blocks are wonderful! You will have your Christmas quilt done in no time at all :)

  3. Your blocks are lovely! You need to resize them and then re-add them to your post. If they are too big, I notice that blogger rotates them. Shrink the pixels. =)

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. They are turning out lovely. Can't wait to see the whole quilt assembled!

  5. You're making some great progress with your blocks... you'll be done in no time at this rate!

  6. I enjoyed seeing these! It looks like you got a chance to do some pretty elaborate piecing, but in small doses. (Can't you just see my mind working? Hmmm....maybe I have to start doing some BOM quilts...!!) I find myself slow to accept aqua as a Christmas color, but when I saw these prints in blocks, I actually loved the addition of aqua to red, green and white! It will be fun to see what you do next with it!

  7. I just love these blocks...what a fun quilt this is going to be.


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