Monday, May 9, 2011

My Garden

I carved some time out on Mother's Day weekend for a bit of sewing.  

I have 4 quilts in flight and am busy planning my 5th.  I seem to be working on them all at the same time.

The first is a patriotic themed quilt I tend to us as my leader and ender.  I do need to invest some time to get the next pieces stacked up so I can make progress. The idea here is all different kind of stars.
The second is a BOM from Fat Quarter Shop using the 12 Days of Christmas fabric.  I am way behind on this one - pieced 4 of the blocks.  6 of them are all cut and ready to go so I'll fit those in. eventually. (no photos)

The third is my 'just because' quilt using Make Life.  I've the blocks done but still debating the setting.  (Need to get one of those design walls.)
The final one is a quilt using Summer Breeze.  Made about 200 HST.  Now need to press and trim.
And, finally, my other garden.  I've a small area in front of my house that I gave some attention to last weekend.  Everything seems to be doing well but we've still the hot, dry NC summer ahead of us.
For inspiration (inspiration for my mini garden), here is a photo of the beautiful garden my neighbor has.  The best part of her garden is I can sit on my front porch rocker and enjoy without any effort on my part whatsoever!

Happy Stitching!

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