Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just a few more days until Christmas

I've got just a few more things to finish - how about you?   My new machine has made going through all these projects so much fun!

My daughter and I made this doll quilt 'together'.  I put two chairs very close together so we could both guide the fabric.  She wore my quilting gloves to try to prevent getting stuck with pins.  She choose the fabric from the quilt store and I chose a very simple design that made the joint experience both fun and quick and also showed off the beautiful fabric print.  This quilt has been mailed off to one of her best friends who moved this past summer from NC to Colorado. 

Made two more bags - one was a twist on my Pure bags to send to one of my sister in laws (pictured below) and I also mailed off the bag for my giveaway winner.

Last night, we held our 2nd annual dessert party for a few friends.  We sent the kids upstairs for a bit of video gaming and then welcomed them down to desserts galore!   We had cupcakes decorated to look like ornaments - the Reeces cup on top simulates part of the ornament - along with homemade apple pie and gingerbread cookies with absolutely wonderful Yule log chocolate cake from the store.  (Excuse the plastic wrap in the photo - that was to keep the kids out before we were ready.  What I should have done was taken a picture after all of us had enjoyed ourselves.)

As party gifts, each guest got a small tree quilt.

One more thing - I found a giveaway you may want to check out at Retro Mummy.
Happy Stitching!

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  1. -.-.-.-. (those are my stitches left behind)
    Hi! I love the doll quilt your daughter and you made together! It's adorable, and her friend will love it! I love the colors and roses!
    How do you get so much done? Yikes! I didn't get many things done, but did accomplish something for my sister - put out on my blog. I have dreams to accomplish this week, when my Don goes back to work,and I can spend some time sewing!
    What kind of new machine did you buy? I just bought a Janome 3160 and love it. Debi


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