Sunday, November 28, 2010

Road Trip! (aka as Knitting in the dark)

Am I am a quilter that loves to knit or a knitter that loves to quilt?

First, the knitting.....

We returned last night around 10pm from a Thanksgiving visit to NJ.  The drive up from NC on Tuesday took us about 11 hours (traffic, ugh!) and the drive home around 10 hours.  My husband does all the driving so it gives me time to pass out snacks to the kids as well as read or knit.  I started a sock on the way up and made reasonable progress on the cuff in daylight:

The cuff pattern (3k, 1p) was very easy so I attempted to knit in the dark.  Turned out this wasn't a good idea.  I would do one round just fine and then realize something was off on the pattern.  I would have to wait until we stopped for gas or perhaps in traffic to turn on a light and repair the damage.  I would then give it another try.... only to repeat.   Finally I put it aside and picked it up again on the drive home.  This time, we left a bit earlier so I had enough daylight to turn the heal and a bit more.

Now the quilting....

My dad has restored a VW bug and just loves the car.  He will only take it out for a drive on sunny, warm days.   I decided to make him a quilt with a VW theme.    There was no fabric to be found so I made my own using Spoonflower. and created my own custom fabric using a edited photo of his actual car.  (My daughter did the editing for me on her computer.)   

The quilt itself was quit fun to make.  I used Awesome by Sandy Gervais and tried out various ways to best highlight the car.  This is what I ended up with and my dad just loved it!   I backed it with flannel and Cathy Kirk quilted a collection of cars and loops all over the quilt.

Happy stitching!

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