Wednesday, April 2, 2014

vert et rouge

I love blog inspired quilt a longs so I had a fun time with  Melissa's Start Bright quilt-a-long  I used  Moda Scrumptious fabric and turned a single block into a mini quilt.

When faced with a blank canvas, I have two go to FMQ stitches - either the basic meander / stipple or feathers.  Feathers are probably the most fun so I used a pretty green thread and put feathers in all the green areas.

I tried my hand at pebbling in the red areas - I was really not sure how to get the effect I wanted but gave it my best.

I left the white area open.   Used a red binding to try and tone down the green just a bit!

I was really stumped to come up with a name for this mini quilt so I went with green and red but added a bit of French flair ....  vert et rouge.   We've a exchange student from France coming to live with us in a few weeks so getting in the mood!

Melissa will have a finish parade on her blog toay.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Gorgeous - that red and that green together are so yummy :)

  2. Throwing some French at us, are you? Fortunately, I remember color names from HS French... :D

    Love those feathers in the green areas... I think they look like ferns!

  3. Love the feather quilting and I just love this line of fabric, I need to buy some more.


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