Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Jersey all quilted!

My Votes for Women  block of the week quilt returned from the spa and looks fantastic!  I choose a modern baptist fan pattern which compliments the mix of the traditional quilt block patterns and the modern fabric and colors.

The quilt along was called Grandmother's choice so I am making this quilt in honor of both of my grandma's - Mum and Nana.  Nana was born in 1899 and Mum in 1915.  As adults, they lived a few blocks from each other in New Jersey.  As a result, I am calling my quilt New Jersey.

I decided to go 'borderless' and the finish size is roughly 85 inches square.  I had a heck of a time piecing this backing but no one needs to know that but me.

Cathy Kirk did the FMQing and I always have her square the quilt and serge the edges.  It makes appying the binding so much easier to do.  I will likely use the same gray as the backing fabric although I am really liking the way it looks right now with the white edge.

This could be one of my all time favorite quilts.

Thank you Barbara Brackman for the block of the week and all the history on the fight for the right to vote.

Happy Stitching!


  1. it looks amazing! I love the blocks on the back. white binding would work perfectly

  2. Oh my, how did I miss this? It is the quilting...yay for finishes!

  3. It looks so good quilted! It's beautiful, a real family heirloom.

  4. It's gorgeous! You did a fantastic job on this quilt! Your Grandmas would be proud!

  5. So pretty - I almost used the Baptist fan pattern on my grandmother's choice quilt, too, but ended up going with a smallish meander. Your quilt is gorgeous.


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