Friday, February 8, 2013

My Celtic Woman

My middle child turns 17 today.   Hard to believe - 17 - one year away from being an adult.

She loves to sing.  Her favorite group is Celtic Woman and she has seen them in concert many times.  In fact, because of the violin player in Celtic Woman (amazing if you've never seen her, check her out), my DD has been taking violin lessons for two years.

I remember this day 17 years ago.  

A pregnancy check up appointment at 31 weeks and then a baby being born that night so many weeks early.  

The doctor telling us that our beautiful daughter had Down syndrome.  

After many weeks in the NICU, she came home weighing just 4 pounds.  

She has grown into a beautiful young lady, full of life and laughter.  Sometimes I call her Switzerland because she would keep the peace between her older brother and her young sister.  (Although, to be fair, there are other times when she was the cause of the trouble!)

I made this quilt for my DD and gave it to her for Christmas but waited until her birthday to post this finish. 

The pattern is an Irish Chain made from a Jelly Roll of Marmalade and yardage of Bella Porcelain.  It was quilted by Cathy Kirk.  The backing is a nice soft flannel from the line.  I just love the feel of the quilt and it looks wonderful on her bed.

The quilt is named Celtic. 

Happy Birthday my dear sweet daughter!  

I am so very proud of you!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Happy 17th Birthday to your beautiful daughter! Best wishes to her for a wonderful year!!!

    Lovely quilt... perfect for a young lady's bed... congratulations on such a great finish!

    And.... happy BIRTH-day to you, mom!

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter and she will love and cherish this quilt.

  3. Feliz Aniversário para sua filha,e que deus continue a abençoar.

  4. Happy birthday to your daughter, I agree with her- that violin player is amazing...I have seen them on PBS. That quilt is stunning and so pretty-feminine! Thanks for sharing.

  5. what a beautiful quilt - but then you need a special quilt for a special lady.

  6. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter!

  7. Happy Birthday to your daughter! The quilt is gorgeous, and I love the name of it.


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