Monday, June 27, 2011

Grocery Shopping in Shanghai

There is an amazingly large mall around the corner from my hotel called The Brand Mall.  It looks exactly like a high end mall you would find in the US and is filled with US clothing brands and also had a foot court of sorts on the ground floor that was half US brands - things like Subway, Coldstone Cremery - and also very Chinese.   This particular restaurant should sushi.  You sat on a chair and this conveyor belt brought the food around everyone.  When you saw something you wanted, you took the dish off.

There was also a supermarket on the ground floor where I got some apples and water as well as a small box of cookies. I found many a strange looking item in the produce area. My guess is that these are fruits but I've no idea. All the labels were in Chinese.

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  1. The top ones (the little furry ones) are lychees, you can get them in the supermarket over here! Peel off the furry skin and eat the flesh, be careful, there's a stone inside. They are delicious!

  2. That middle one on the bottom picture is durian - the stinkiest fruit in the world! Never tried it myself, but it is quite something!

  3. Hi, the furry one is not lychee. It is called rambutan and you can find them a lot in south east asia. It tastes delicious. It is sweet and cooling. They can be found a lot during dry and hot season. And as for durian... even though it doesn't smell nice (not stinky!) it tastes good. This fruit is a type where either you like it or not. There are ways to take off the smell...(it does stick to your hand :)

  4. Sounds like an adventure! I did a little shopping on 1 Choice 4 Quilting and I was very happy with the purchase. Thanks for the recommendation! I got a Wee Folks layer cake I can't wait to sink my teeth into:)


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